Goodfella Safety Razor Gets Your Face Fit

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Published: 14th December 2010
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Now that men of all ages are paying more attention to their looks it is no surprise to hear that the hottest trend in male grooming right now is a return to the traditional wet shave. Millions of men the world over have been shocked to discover that the shaving technique their grandfathers used is actually the best shave a man can get.

Helping these guys rediscover this lost art of shaving is Andrew James the designer of the Goodfella Safety Razor. He found the range of razors on offer in his local supermarket overwhelming. "How many blades" asked James "did I really need for a great shave?" He could not find a razor he liked so he designed his own based on the old school safety razor. Created with computer aided design and modern durable materials he has built a product utilizing today's technology. The result is a beautiful hand finished instrument that delivers a very close shave without nicks or irritation.

The Goodfella Safety Razor uses just one replacement double-edged razor blade. " My research told me that one really sharp blade is superior to numerous blades and because there is no clogging between blades the result is close shave without the skin irritation that is a major cause of razor rash or razor burn. "The Goodfella is perfectly balanced to deliver the razor blade at the optimum cutting angle" explains James "and because the blade is really sharp facial hair is cut, not pulled, ensuring that the hair grows back in a uniform manner eliminating the in-growing hairs that cause the unsightly red rash particularly on the neck area."

The Goodfella Safety Razor is built to last and is made from stainless steel and chrome. Visually it looks stunning, feels weighty in the hand and is a joy to use. The razor blades are readily available and inexpensive at around 30 cents. Blades will last two to four weeks depending on beard thickness meaning the Goodfella Safety Razor will pay for itself within six to twelve months of use.

The safety razor and shaving products are available to buy online at along with a growing list of stockists.

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